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“It’s clobbering time!” Fantastic Four (2015)


The sheer disappointment I felt upon leaving the cinema after seeing the reboot of Fantastic Four has compelled me to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to share in everyone’s discontent and frustration. I, like many, was not a fan of the original Fantastic Four franchise, but to cut it some slack Marvel were finding their feet at this early stage. However, the Marvel universe has grown immensely since 2005 when the first Fantastic Four was released and I think everyone was expecting more based on what we know and love from the likes of The Avengers, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy to name just a few… even the reboot of Spiderman worked for me!!

The film itself wasn’t terrible in fact, the casting was interesting and I found the characters compelling. I loved seeing Kate Mara (Sue Storm) and Reg Cathey (Franklin Storm) of House of Cards fame. Although I’m not sure Mara was really showing us anything new in her repertoire here, Cathey really went for it and tugged some heart strings. Casting Miles Teller as Reed Richards may have been unexpected but it worked, he is a believable addition to the team, smart and slightly arrogant – I think I am bias due to his performance in Whiplash last year but I enjoyed seeing in something else. Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing was a little ‘meh’ for me, but I thought Victor Von Doom was probably an unconventional choice for the ‘bad guy’ but Toby Kebbell was menacing enough. Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm was about the only thing bringing some charm to the bunch.


I enjoyed the build up of the teams relationships and seeing how they got their powers. Understanding that director Josh Trank wanted to put a more realistic spin on the situation was somewhat thought provoking. It would be a very difficult thing to comprehend that your body has radically transformed into something life changing. That being said, the very nature of the Fantastic Four and its source material is potentially a little too tongue in cheek for this to really translate well and resonate with the audience. For example, it is very difficult to turn a man into Mr. Tickle and make it feel dark and serious. Whoever was hired to create the trailer did a really good job at leading us all to believe they could pull off the dark and moody version mixed in with some light humour (which is actually none existent in the film).

As well as the material they were working with, I found the dialogue tacky in places, awkward in others and pretty dull over all. The story takes an incredibly long time to get going and the action takes place in the last 20 minutes, building the audience up to something which ends up being spectacularly lack-lustre. Not to mention something as simple as continuity, where Sue’s hair changes from natural mousy long bob to blond wig every other scene… very distracting, and with a budget of $120 million you would think someone would point this out.

I think that just about sums up my thoughts on this one, and I haven’t even gone into the plot vs. the comic, there probably isn’t any need to. Let me know your thoughts about that in the comments below, and please tell me I wasn’t the only one thinking about Sue’s hair!



“I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity” The Fault in Our Stars.

fault-in-our-stars-movie-poster-fullThe Fault in Our Stars is not the type of film I would usually seek out to watch. I don’t like to be depressed by a film, I want to be submerged into another world and enjoy the experience. Teenage angst and coming of age stories aren’t really my cup of tea either… BUT having read good things about this film, my friends persuaded me to see it at the cinema… and I am honestly glad of it.

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (both from mind-blowingly mediocre recent flick Divergent) play the lead roles in this romantic adaptation of John Green’s novel, about a 16 year old cancer patient named Hazel Grace (Woodley) who falls in love with Augustus (Elgort), who she meets at her support group. Interestingly the title comes from Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ where Cassiuis says to Brutus “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” … Well I thought that was interesting any how 🙂

At first glance the story line seems predictable and unimaginative, however I found the script and the chemistry between the characters very natural and I was hooked within the first 20 minutes. The bond that is formed between the two leads is quite magical to watch unfold, and I felt the progression of their infatuation for each other was shown in a very tasteful way without ever forgetting they are just teenagers.


Hazel Grace’s relationship with her mother played by Laura Dern, was a particular highlight, and I was delighted to see True Blood star Sam Trammell take the role of her father. Their family unit felt very authentic and the way the film explored how the parents were coping with having a terminally ill child was very moving.

fault-in-our-stars mother daughter

What was refreshing to see, was the slightly more raw scenes that focused on the realistic and dark side of terminal illness as well as bringing some darker humor to the situation. Mostly in the case of Hazel and Augustus’ friend Isaac played by Nat Wolff. These are the scenes you feel most connected to the characters and where the film builds up the audience’s empathy for them and their situations. Surprisingly great performances from Woodley and Elgort really make all the difference here. In particular Elgort’s Augustus who takes some warming to as a cocky, over confident, dork (I mean that in the nicest way possible) but somehow manages to win you over despite his cringeworthy metaphors and romantic lines.

Film Review The Fault In Our Stars

With the help of a great performance from Willem Dafoe, you can expect the unexpected for the majority of this film. Unfortunately for me the trailer gave too many tell tale signs of what happened in the end, but it in no way spoiled my enjoyment. And yes, I do mean enjoyment, even though I cried so hard I almost sobbed out loud in a packed cinema, the over all experience is enjoyable, and the rest is thought provoking, sincere, raw and heart warming.

My POV, I wouldn’t suggest that this film is for everyone, but I have to say sometimes a good cry and a slap in the face puts things in perspective and makes you feel pretty refreshed afterwards. If you are feeling blue about life, this film will probably make you realise… it isn’t that bad.

“The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control” Godzilla.

Godzilla is probably one of the most famous movie monsters of all time. I would say that every body knows the story, but beyond ‘big lizard destroys Tokyo’ I actually don’t think that is the case. It certainly wasn’t for me going in to the cinema anyway. There are 8 films I can see on IMDB as well as some TV series, and I must confess I hadn’t seen ANY. It also took me a while to find someone willing to see it with me to be honest! I think I need more male friends…


But I digress! My only expectations for Godzilla were a lot of destruction and some cool monster action… well I got a little of that, but not as much as you would think. What surprised me about Godzilla was the amount of time the story spends on the human characters. That being said, I don’t feel like they developed these characters as much as they could have considering the screen time they took up.

The now legendary Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame, although I will always remember him as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle personally!) plays Joe Brody, a scientist who goes half crazy trying to uncover the conspiracy surrounding Godzilla and other unearthly creatures (although he has no idea what he is uncovering) after an unnatural event tears his family apart. Brody was the only character that got any kind of empathy out of me, although his screen time isn’t as much as you would think given the trailers, Cranston gives the most moving performance. After that it all fell a bit flat for me.


Brody’s son is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.. except he appears to have lost all his charisma and charm. Unfortunately Ford Brody is little more than a military man. He shows some compassion for other human beings and there is chemistry between him and his wife played by Elizabeth Olsen, but not a character I could root for or sympathise with. Olsen was also given a pretty dull part to play, the teary wife and mother… she did what she could with it! (A duo we will be seeing more of in the future with the new Marvel film on it’s way..).


A strange double act came in the form of Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe as the field experts on Godzilla and the MUTO’s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). Hawkins follows Watanabe around like a lost puppy and Watanabe’s character looks very perplexed and dazed at all times. He is the only one who seems to understand the beasts and believes they should be left to carry out their business as naturally as possible. Of course the military men disagree, and all hell breaks loose!

The story of the MUTO’s came as a surprise to me but I enjoyed the fact that Godzilla isn’t just a crazed monster tearing up the city for no apparent reason. I enjoyed the story between the monsters much more than the turmoil suffered by the humans on the ground I have to say. The special effects were obviously awesome, I don’t think we need to comment on them anymore as they are just on the top of their game CGI wise. I didn’t however like the fact that most of the action was in the dark – this coupled with overwhelming noise to the point I blanked it out, and the nice warm surroundings… I MAY have nodded off a little, and so did my friend… awks!


There were a few other things that made me lose interest a little, like the shock of discovering half a mountain has been destroyed when stumbling across it, and needing binoculars to find the giant MUTO’s carving a path through the desert… *scans horizon with binocular* “Oh there it is!” *zooms out* ITS BIGGER THAN AN EFFING BUILDING surrounded by nothing but sand… I laughed out loud at this point.

Ok, ok I have been a little harsh on Godzilla I fear. There were some excellent shots, such as the HALO jump which features in the trailer, and the few scenes of mass destruction… I did also feel some desperation when Brody couldn’t get back to his family. Over all though, a bit of a flop in terms of entertainment. I don’t think I will be watching it again. Sorry fans!


“You want me to come down there so you can kill me?” The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Seeing as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been out for a while now and every man and his dog has
already reviewed it, this post WILL have spoilers. Please be warned!


As much as I enjoyed Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man the first time around in 2012 (my short review here), the film wasn’t anything special. It was a tough one though because there are only so many ways you can tell the same origins story. Which is why I was excited to see what they were going to do with the second instalment. They had plenty more story lines to consider and could pull it away from Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy which I really didn’t enjoy.

Spider-Man-2-Peter-Parker-Harry-OsbornThis time around we still have long lost best friend Harry Osborn and the general conspiracies surrounding Oscorp. But we also get a much deeper insight into Peter Parker’s parents, a good look at his relationship with Aunt May, the romance between him and Gwen Stacy as well as a new evil villain for Spidey to contend with. Many reviews have expressed that fitting all of these threads into one film detracted from the story as a whole, I disagree though – I think it was well paced and the stories were all well told. It meant I didn’t get bored at any point during the film because it kept my interest by switching between story loops.

Maybe I am on my own here but I really enjoyed the moments between Gwen and Peter, yes there were some cringy parts where it got a little cheesy but I didn’t mind because Garfield’s delivery made it sweet and funny, and Emma Stone just oozes ‘cool’. They have great chemistry on screen too which made it easy to believe in and route for (much the opposite of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst’s awkwardness!). I really enjoyed the opening sequence switching between Gwen at the graduation ceremony and Spider-Man pursuing the bad guys in a fast paced car chase. I felt they set the tone of the film in this first part to be much more comic book stylee, for example when Spider-Man is trying to catch all the radioactive bottles in the back of the van it looked almost cartoon like. His one liners and funny quips had me laughing aloud and I really got into it from the off. When Gwen did her moving speech I knew where the story was heading though!


Some brilliant casting in Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, he looks like a slightly less attractive mid-twenties Leo DiCaprio (you know up until he starts turning green and goes all mental). I enjoyed his performance too, he is another cool character – I loved his delivery and attitude. His character felt much different to James Franco’s Harry which I thought was a good move. I wanted to see more of him being Harry, but unfortunately the Green Goblin thing happens and then he isn’t so cool. DeHaan does the broody rich teen thing very well, but I wasn’t as convinced with his villain. The way Harry turns into the Green Goblin made it much more interesting, the scene in which he crawls up to the flight suit was pretty grotesque and actually quite disturbing I found!


Jamie Foxx was an odd choice for Electro, I wasn’t convinced by his down trodden Max Dillon at first but warmed to him as he became more obviously vulnerable. His transformation to Electro was pretty cool, the glowing blue skin and bassey voice were actually quite menacing. I enjoyed the use of heavy bass music during the fight scenes with Electro, and the setting of Times Square was very fitting for the first spider-man2show down. When Electro throws electricity around and it goes all slow motion it looked VERY cool and I found these scenes really exciting. I think Spidey probably got off quite likely with the amount of times he gets electrocuted, but a bit of suspended disbelief is required here!

Electro’s final battle also becomes the Green Goblin’s first. A nice transition I thought, as I kept gasping throughout thinking ‘oh god Gwen’s going to die here!’ To no avail! Finally, she gets put in some real life threatening danger when the Goblin whisks her up into the air. The moment the camera zooms out from the top of the building and Spider-Man jumps to catch Gwen has stuck in my head since! As has the slow mo fall that follows Gwen’s decent down the clock tower with cogs and debris falling around her. I held my breath when Spider-Man throws his web to try and catch her…

Now, the first time I saw this I watched it in 2D, when Gwen almost hits the floor she stops so suddenly I knew for sure she was a goner and found it quite shocking! The second time around I watched in 3D and thought the visuals weren’t as crisp and her landing seemed much softer. In 3D my friend was confused and didn’t believe Gwen was actually dead until after the funeral scene. Just an interesting difference between 2D and 3D viewings there.

I thought that the scenes Peter mourns Gwen’s death were very touching and not dragged out for too long. It isn’t long before he gets back his motivation and goes off fighting the next villain wreaking havoc in the city. Which for me was a really good ending as it didn’t feel flat after a tragic event. It picked up the anti again and left me feeling pretty chuffed with the film over all! Plus the appearance of Mr. Fiers is another good teaser linking to the first film and a good indication of the stories direction.


My POV, a really great second instalment for The Amazing Spider-Man, I probably enjoyed it more than most and believe its current rating of 7.4 on IMDB is a little harsh. But I would recommend watching it on the big screen to those who haven’t yet seen it , although I wouldn’t bother paying extra for 3D. The action is just as good in 2D! I was disappointed with the end credit clip though, no teasers for Spider-Man itself, just an X-Men trailer which I thought was a bit of a cop out. I am pleased the studios are working together, and perhaps a cross over film is on the cards in the future, but it doesn’t look like it ATM!

There is an interesting story over on Screen Rant about a deleted post-credit scene that has leaked though… you can check that out here.


It’s been a while.. but I’m back, baby!!

Hey, it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to, step to… Ok, no Alliyah and Timberland fans out there… my point is, it’s been far too long since I have had time to sit down and write a review! Now I have a bit of a break, I plan on catching up with the world of movie reviews and putting my two pence in there for what it’s worth!

Seeing as it has been quite a while since my last review on 1st April, I am going to do some mini-reviews of films I have been to see in the last couple of months. Kind of like a warm up.. Then I will come back with a nice wordy review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because I do love to ramble!

Muppets_Most_Wanted_posterMuppet’s Most Wanted

Whilst I love a good Muppet movie, Muppet Treasure Island being one of my favourite films of all time, I HATED 2011’s monstrosity, The Muppets. Whilst the latest addition was much better, it still lacks what a great Muppet movie is all about, the effing Muppets! There are so many needless cameo’s squeezed in it feels more like a film for Hollywood than a film for the fans (did I randomly see Ludacris at the table in prison?!). To give it credit, the story line is much better than it’s predecessor, and Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Ty Burrell do bring some big laughs when interacting with the Muppets. The self awareness comedy from the Muppets themselves is used well too, and a couple of my favourites, Pepe and Animal, got some good scenes and funny lines. Unfortunately it didn’t cut the mustard for me though and I think I have given up on The Muppet franchise!



The Grand Budapest Hotel

Well this certainly was an odd ball of a film! Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Willem Defoe, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Norton, Jude Law, Bill bloody Murray – an amazing cast, and an interesting story to boot. TGBH felt like a foreign movie that should have been subtitled, Wes Anderson did a fantastic job of making the film feel very authentic and giving it many layers. There are plenty of hidden jokes and passing funniosities which you probably wont see the first time around. I am very much looking forward to seeing it again. It does fall a little flat in the middle, but the film more than makes up for it in intelligence, whit and entertainment during the remainder. A hidden gem!



‘Oh it’s like Hunger Games’ – well I suppose it is like Hunger Games except… not good. The saving grace for this film is Theo James who pulls off hot and intriguing without playing into your stereotypical ‘Edward-esque’ personality too much. The leading lady Shailene Woodley is unfortunately as her surname would suggest, although she does loosen up a little toward the end of the film. Too little too late for me though I am afraid, I was quite disappointed by this distopian teenage angst malarkey. And I am usually a sucker for that stuff! Though it isn’t all bad, it has it’s gripping and interesting moments – but not enough to pull it out of the ‘mediocre’ pile for me!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I enjoyed this installment much more than the first Captain America (which put me to sleep half way through). I liked Chris Evans performance, much like in The Avengers Assemble I think Cap actually seems to be getting a sense of personality. His relationship with Black Widow had me intrigued too, I felt that Evans and Scarlett Johansson had some good chemistry going on. Although I think she would be far too much for Cap to handle. I loved Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, you could tell in reality that guy was absolutely buzzing to be a part of it. The CGI on the Falcon wasn’t great but I liked the way they used Caps speed and strength and Falcons flight to create dynamic action sequences. I felt the Winter Soldier himself left a little to be desired, but found the history between him and Cap interesting and I am looking forward to seeing that story arc in future films. Much better than expected, but not raving about it.

theotherwomanThe Other Woman

Cameron Diaz and Lesley Mann make a good duo in this comedy about a wife and mistress seeking revenge on a love rat. Kate Upton is technically part of the trio but unfortunately doesn’t bring much more than a nice rack. That is the character she was given though so I am not down playing her performance! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays the love rat in question and similarly plays a stereotypical role as the sleazy man girls love to hate. But hey, the formula worked because me and my friends were in absolute stitches throughout. I think this film is easily misinterpreted as a movie about revenge, actually I found it to be a movie about friendship and the bond women can make with each other even through the strangest of circumstances. The only thing that let it down was the over the top ending, BUT I enjoyed it, and so did my friends. We will be watching it again for a bit of light-hearted entertainment! 

Bad Neighbours

A couple with a new born baby move into their dream home only to have a fraternity move in next Bad_neighborsdoor… What on earth possessed someone to pitch that story line I will never know. Does that actually happen?? Surely Universities have to have permission to have these things in residential areas?? ANYWAY, despite the ridiculousness of the situation, the combination of Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Dave Franco really worked! Plus the added hilarity from Ike Barinholtz of Mindy Project fame was a great surprise. The frat house scenes made me want to party, the relationship between Rogan and Byrne actually felt quite authentic, and the jokes were pretty hilarious. You can’t really say much about it, its a silly, funny film that I will most likely be watching again!

That’s enough of the mini reviews, I have since seen The Amazing Spider-Man and Godzilla so I will try my best to get some reviews up more regularly now I have a break from studying and just have the 9-5 grind to contend with 😀

Glad to be back guys! Peace out!

PS. Thanks to The Focused Filmographer and Lauren at My Kind of Movie for my recent blog nominations! Apologies for being useless and not responding in a timely manner. But here’s me accepting my award… hehe thanks guys!!



“We chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees…” 300: Rise of an Empire.

I didn’t think I would get to see 300: Rise of an Empire at the cinema, but the opportunity arose last night and I need a sufficient reason to procrastinate from my essay about ‘Project Management in a Digital Age’… zzzzz. I hadn’t heard or read great things about this sequel so I went in with my expectations low, I think this was an excellent strategy as what followed came as a pleasant surprise.


Well I use the word ‘pleasant’ loosely. True to some of Zack Snyder’s previous work such as 300, Sucker Punch and Watchmen , this film is dark, gritty, and bloody. What I didn’t realise is that the story line of this sequel actually runs in parallel for the most part with it’s predecessor. What do we call that? It isn’t technically a prequel, or a sequel… a paraquel? Now I’m just making up words… But it did become a lot more intriguing once I saw where the story was heading.


Themistocles is an Athenian General who leads the charge against the Persian army lead by ‘god-king’ Xerxes from 300 (2008). We get to see how Xerxes became the powerful force he is, and what or who drove him to his madness. The story moves along a timeline from before the 300 Spartans set off to face the Persian Army, to what happens after their epic sacrifice. A much bigger story line in this film and with it, a lot more fighting and slow motion blood splatter. Although the story line was much broader for this film, there was something lacking in the way the characters were portrayed. When important characters are killed in 300 I shed a tear, I feel their pain. When characters die in Rise of an Empire, I think I actually laughed out of sheer awkwardness. There was no connection for me there and that is what lets the film down essentially.

300 - Themistocles

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic characters. In particular Eva Green as Artemisia, the twisted soul of a Greek turned loyal Persian who plays puppet master with Xerxes. She is INTENSE! The complexity of her character, the outfits, and her air of madness really gripped me into the story more than any of the speeches Themistocles gave to his army… Sullivan Stapleton plays this leading man, and for me he was quite dull, especially next to such a powerful female role. I understand that the Athenians were more diplomatic than the Spartans and technically they are not warriors, but I couldn’t help feeling disappointed with their lack of presence.


I don’t think it helped that the Athenian army all had varied accents which weren’t well hidden. (Yes I know Gerard Butler’s Scottish Spartan set the tone there, but he has such a gruffly voice it worked). General Themistocles is Australian, we also have a Scot, a New Zealander, a Derbyshire lad, and a Brummy to name a few. It took me out of the illusion every time another accent was introduced. I would say the well spoken English accent works for the old style dialogue, much like Eva Green and Lena Heady, who is back as Queen Gorgo and really gets her rage on this time.

300 - Queen Gorgo

The cinematography is pretty breath taking in some scenes. The epic battles on the sea are worth seeing if nothing else. A little over kill on the slow motion and the endless amount of blood that seemed to pour out of people. But otherwise, it was really quite beautifully shot and I can see that it would have been great in 3D. The sound track is pretty rousing too!


My POV in the end, I enjoyed 300: Rise of an Empire much more than I anticipated but I am still not raving about it. 300 is a legendary film which can’t be matched in my eyes. The sequel is worth a watch, and I will probably watch it again – but it doesn’t raise the bar very high in terms of character development and compelling relationships between them. Like swords and blood?? Well then, sir this film is for you!!



“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!” RoboCop.

You might think that being an avid fan of Predator that I must have watched all the classic 80’s movies… Well I only got around to watching 1987’s RoboCop earlier last year and I really enjoyed it. It was more gritty than I expected and I thought their ‘future’ was pretty accurate really. I can see how hardcore fans of the original RoboCop might not enjoy the 2014 adaptation, but I think it is fair to say I can be objective with my review!

robocop poster

RoboCop is set in 2028 Detroit, (not that far in the future really considering their advancement in weaponry) where OmniCorp already have robots on the ground in several countries, but have failed to have them approved for US soil. There is some stigma about robots not knowing what it is to be human… ergo RoboCop is born. We know the story!! However, director José Padilha takes us in a slightly different direction, the details of which I wont divulge for those who are yet to see it of course!

robocop2014-6I enjoyed Joel Kinnaman as the man himself Alex Murphy, I liked that he is quite conventional and they didn’t use a well known actor who could have taken away from the role itself. Plus I thought his performance was good as he slips back and forth from robot to human personas. The relationship with his partner played by Michael Williams felt authentic but was perhaps under used. I would have enjoyed a bit more buddy cop action.

One character I didn’t care for was Abbie Cornish as Murphy’s wife – fair play to her for getting the gig but I find her really mundane, she can cry so…guess she did a good job there. Thinking about it the female species doesn’t come off great in this film, on the other side of the table we have OmniCorp bitch played by Jennifer Ehle, some one I recognised but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where from – you will have to IMDB her for yourself! She is NOT a likeable character. Aimee Garcia brings it back a little for the girls though as the Doctors assistant and comes into her own a little more toward the end.


Speaking of the doctor, a great role for Gary Oldman here, effortless as ever. I enjoyed his emotional turmoil and wrestle with the moral high ground, made for a good final act. Plus Michael Keaton as OmniCorp boss plays a good role, just charismatic enough to get away with it but shows his true colours in the end, good old stereotype for you in that one. I didn’t really understand the casting of main ‘bad guy’ Antoine Vallon, played by Patrick Garrow – he is a something and nothing for me – not a scratch on the villain of the original which is such a key part of the story it let the film down for me. You know who would have made the better bad guy is Jackie Earle Haley who plays a hard core military man brought in to train up the ‘tin man’. We all know he can pull off creepy and menacing from his portrayal of Rorschach in Watchmen. Might have been the better choice here?!


What do I know… I thought the story was well told, the use of Samuel L Jackson as a TV host taking us through the media journey was a nice touch, I didn’t much care for his delivery but I don’t enjoy those type of American style chat shows anyway. It was of course exaggerated to make a point (I hope), so it served its purpose. I also thought the way RoboCop himself worked by using CCTV, mobile data, scanning and all the fancy gadgets was really well done and scored a point over the original for that.


It has just occurred to me that I have barely touched on actual ROBOCOP?! The suit looked pretty awesome to be fair, and I loved the way he moved – of course with the help of modern special effects this felt a lot more realistic than the original. The fight scenes are few and far between but oh my does he KICK BUTT when he gets going. Two scenes to mention, the fire fight in the dark, and the taking down of the drones were AWESOME. Unfortunately, a little more fighting and a little less emotional turmoil could have pulled this film from a 6.7 on IMDB to an 8 at least. Plus cut 15 minutes off the running time and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Joel Kinnaman

My POV, this film is worth a watch. If you are a MEGA fan of the original you will probably hate it for the way it mixes up the story and the characters journey – but for an objective viewer like myself, I had fun watching it and will probably watch it on DVD again!




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