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“Hey, fuck Twitter..” Chef.

I had the pleasure of attending a free preview of Chef this morning at my local cinema. Despite waking up 20 minutes before it started with a raging hang over, my friend and I hauled ass and made it just in time. Here is some friendly advice, don’t see this film on an empty stomach with a mouth dryer than corn starch, the food looks IMMENSE in this movie – the popcorn and hot dogs on offer just didn’t seem appealing in comparison!


I have seen a few negative reviews about this film, but it hasn’t scored too badly on IMDB despite the overly cynical head line “frustratingly straightforward, simplistic and just plain unengaging” on the latest review. I would ask this person if they were in a particularly pessimistic mood when they saw Chef, because I found the simple story line refreshing and was totally hooked by the characters throughout! Maybe I am easily pleased or just enjoy watching a real feel good film, either way my grin got bigger with every shot of a sizzling griddle and I even welled up with actual joy near the end of the movie (that could be attributed to my emotional hangover state).


The premise is straightforward, “A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family” (IMDB). Jon Favreau of course plays Chef Carl Casper who is also getting to grips with social media, in particular Twitter, which features heavily in the story line. They used the whole social media thing very well in capturing the power of it and how it can be used to help promote things as well as be used on a personal level, i.e. with his son, Percy. Percy is played by Emjay Anthony and is the cutest little 10 year old, he does a fantastic job and the chemistry between him, Favreau and best friend Martin, played by John Leguizammo is wonderful. I wanted to be on that food truck with them touring the US it looked like so much fun!


Some big names were pulled into this movie and some have questioned why… erm, why not! I loved Robert Downey Jr’s off the wall character, yes he was maybe underused but it isn’t a RDJ movie, he brought some comedy and for me it was well received. Scarlett Johansson had a super cool look as the head waitress and close friend of Chef Casper, I would have liked to have seen her character come into the story later on as well but it was probably realistic that she isn’t much involved when they hit the road in the food truck. Dustin Hoffman’s performance is solid although his funny side could have been utilised a little more.


One of my favourite characters though was Sofia Vergara playing Inez, Casper’s ex wife and mother of Percy. Her character was warm and funny, I could see a connection between the family and really enjoyed their screen time together. Warm and funny is probably a good description of the film truth be told. The food looked amazing, the sound track was brilliant and the general feel of the film was really inspiring. It made me want to jump in a car and tour all these fantastic places and try the incredible food.

Favreau, who wrote and directed Chef as well, could have played it safe and gone for the typical storyline of throwing a tragic event or disaster in the middle of the film for the characters to triumph over in order to make the success bitter sweet, but I loved the fact that they kept it simple and just delighted the audience with heart warming, real feeling, good old fashioned enjoyment. I LOVED Chef, and left the cinema feeling very content that the world isn’t a bad place. Now, where can I get myself a Cubanos sandwich this looks that good….

chef sandwich


“The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control” Godzilla.

Godzilla is probably one of the most famous movie monsters of all time. I would say that every body knows the story, but beyond ‘big lizard destroys Tokyo’ I actually don’t think that is the case. It certainly wasn’t for me going in to the cinema anyway. There are 8 films I can see on IMDB as well as some TV series, and I must confess I hadn’t seen ANY. It also took me a while to find someone willing to see it with me to be honest! I think I need more male friends…


But I digress! My only expectations for Godzilla were a lot of destruction and some cool monster action… well I got a little of that, but not as much as you would think. What surprised me about Godzilla was the amount of time the story spends on the human characters. That being said, I don’t feel like they developed these characters as much as they could have considering the screen time they took up.

The now legendary Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame, although I will always remember him as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle personally!) plays Joe Brody, a scientist who goes half crazy trying to uncover the conspiracy surrounding Godzilla and other unearthly creatures (although he has no idea what he is uncovering) after an unnatural event tears his family apart. Brody was the only character that got any kind of empathy out of me, although his screen time isn’t as much as you would think given the trailers, Cranston gives the most moving performance. After that it all fell a bit flat for me.


Brody’s son is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.. except he appears to have lost all his charisma and charm. Unfortunately Ford Brody is little more than a military man. He shows some compassion for other human beings and there is chemistry between him and his wife played by Elizabeth Olsen, but not a character I could root for or sympathise with. Olsen was also given a pretty dull part to play, the teary wife and mother… she did what she could with it! (A duo we will be seeing more of in the future with the new Marvel film on it’s way..).


A strange double act came in the form of Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe as the field experts on Godzilla and the MUTO’s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). Hawkins follows Watanabe around like a lost puppy and Watanabe’s character looks very perplexed and dazed at all times. He is the only one who seems to understand the beasts and believes they should be left to carry out their business as naturally as possible. Of course the military men disagree, and all hell breaks loose!

The story of the MUTO’s came as a surprise to me but I enjoyed the fact that Godzilla isn’t just a crazed monster tearing up the city for no apparent reason. I enjoyed the story between the monsters much more than the turmoil suffered by the humans on the ground I have to say. The special effects were obviously awesome, I don’t think we need to comment on them anymore as they are just on the top of their game CGI wise. I didn’t however like the fact that most of the action was in the dark – this coupled with overwhelming noise to the point I blanked it out, and the nice warm surroundings… I MAY have nodded off a little, and so did my friend… awks!


There were a few other things that made me lose interest a little, like the shock of discovering half a mountain has been destroyed when stumbling across it, and needing binoculars to find the giant MUTO’s carving a path through the desert… *scans horizon with binocular* “Oh there it is!” *zooms out* ITS BIGGER THAN AN EFFING BUILDING surrounded by nothing but sand… I laughed out loud at this point.

Ok, ok I have been a little harsh on Godzilla I fear. There were some excellent shots, such as the HALO jump which features in the trailer, and the few scenes of mass destruction… I did also feel some desperation when Brody couldn’t get back to his family. Over all though, a bit of a flop in terms of entertainment. I don’t think I will be watching it again. Sorry fans!


I made it a year!

A year ago today on the 9th December 2012 I sat in my dining room and wrote my first rambling review of one of my all time favourites, Predator. I honestly wasn’t expecting much to come from it, and certainly didn’t think I would still be reviewing a whole year later. Yet here I am, still going! Pat on the back for me!!

Quite a lot has changed since that fateful day when I decided on a whim to create a film review blog. I was promoted at work, I started a Masters degree part time, I did a stint writing reviews for a digital magazine, my hair changed from red to brown to blonde, and sadly my relationship of almost 2 years came to an end (but we are still close friends never fear!). That’s the personal stuff, in the wonderful world of WordPress, I wrote 79 posts (80 including this one), gained 195 fellow blog subscribers, 398 twitter followers and 22,411 views of my little site (and counting). Now, to the established blogger I am sure this sounds quite pitiful, but for me this is a huge accomplishment!

Although I set out with great enthusiasm and the plan to blog at least once a week, to include reviews of every film I see in or out of the cinema as well as create features and maybe even the odd competition as I have seen work on so many other fantastic blogs…. this was never realised. Instead, I have kept it low key and my reviews have become shorter with much larger gaps of silence in between. I am still watching films on a regular basis, but life gets in the way and so my little blog will remain little. A personal expression of films I want to write about, when I want to write about them, and I appreciate those who stick around for my inconsistencies more than you can imagine.

So a new year, a new face, time to change that avatar picture and admit I am a blonde (until I get bored and change it again). Here’s to you guys, the wonderful people who read my posts and still don’t leave me 🙂 You’re the best!!


A change of pace…

Sometimes life passes by so fast you wonder where the past month went. Since getting a new role at work I have been so busy there that my lovely blog has been somewhat neglected. No time to peruse fellow bloggers articles or skim through the latest reviews, nor keep up to date with my own opinions on recent cinema releases. I think the trouble lies in my rather lengthy writing style – which has left me reluctant to start a new review when I don’t have time to finish it in my usual format.

A change of pace is needed then. Desperate not to give up on MyReelPOV yet, I am going to adopt a much shorter, sharper style of review so that I can carry on ranting and raving about my favourite thing CINEMA (cheese and the boyfriend come a close second and third).

I hope all you beauties that already follow MyReelPOV will stick around for this little experiment and I would love to know your thoughts on the new style when I get into it. Hey, maybe I’ll attract more people here, maybe with a shorter attention span 😉 Only time will tell.

Now to test this new theory on Edgar Wright’s, The World’s End… Coming soon to a blog post near you!

Thanks for sticking around 🙂

Hey it's cartoon Claire!

Hey it’s cartoon Claire!

A new short from Kenris Productions.

Kenris Productions aka Tom Ellarby has recently posted a new short. It took him about a week from filming to end of production and is really an excuse to play around with animation and editing while waiting for his short ‘Dog House’ to be released after the Edinburgh Film Festival this summer. You can see a trailer for Dog House at the end of this post!

Take 3 minutes of your time and watch, its a bit of fun as well as spreading some love for the independent film maker 🙂 Would very much appreciate you also spreading the love if you find this short film entertaining, tweet it, share it, cyber spread the hell out of it!

The Cleaning 2

You like?

Here’s the trailer for Dog House…


Thanks for watching, hope you liked it! Watch out for more stuff from Kenris Productions and maybe in the future you’ll see his spinning balls on the big screen 😉

Dragon’s Loyalty Award.


It’s always nice to know that some one out there reads your stuff, and what better way to let some one else know you like their stuff by nominating them for one of these blogging awards. Thank you to Mr. Filmscorehunter at The Cinematic Frontier for nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, a combination of the Versatile Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Not everyone follows through with the awards rules but I thought it would be rude not too! After all some one has made the effort to come up with this award, Filmscorehunter has been kind enough to include me, and I want to show my appreciation 🙂

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

7 Interesting Things…

  • I’m a mean pancake maker.

    My home made poster for the 1998 Spice Girls Tour!

    My home made poster for the 1998 Spice Girls Tour!

  • My first live music concert was the Spice Girls – it was epic.
  • The only genre of film I wont watch is Horror.
  • My boyfriend is an aspiring film maker – watch out Hollywood (unfortunately Horror is his speciality).
  • I got a 1st at University in Manchester and now have a job that in no way relates to my degree.
  • A friend and I once went to New York on a whim and spent all her inheritance.
  • I went to see Lord of the Rings FIVE times at the cinema because I was obsessed with Legolass.

Well we use the term ‘interesting’ loosely but that’s one rule down! Now to take a look at 15 bloggers that I enjoy reading… let’s spread the luuuurve people.

1. Hypersonic55

2. MikesFilmTalk

3. Tim The Film Guy

4. Oracle of Film

5. Because Geek

6. Rorschach Reviews

7. ReelGood

8. Mykindofmovie

9. Kenris Films

10. Confessions of a Nerf Herder

11. P-Doc Knows

12. Filmhipster

13. Blockbuster Buzz

14. The Popped Corn

15. The Focused Filmographer

Phew! That was quite a mission, maybe 15 is a lot of lurve to spread but hey, these guys have great blogs that you should totally read! Some of you have already been nominated as well, but I saw this more of a chance to say HEY I read your shit and thanks for being AWESOME.

Peace out.


A Birthday Treat!



Every year since I was old enough to sit still in the cinema I have been treated to a trip out to the silver screen for my Birthday. As the years have gone on I have obviously been to the cinema more than once a year, sometimes more than once a week. But some how the annual trip never looses its novelty! In fact it makes it more fun because now I have to make sure that the Birthday film is a particularly good one!


Maybe you can help me decide? Seeing as there are lots of films coming out in March I have a pretty good selection to chose from! The big TWO FOUR is on 9th March, but the cinema trip will be a few days after, so what’s on…?

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Not a fan of blood and guts, even in a comedy scenario – in fact especially in a comedy. But the trailer does look pretty good. Lots of action, some magical fantasy elements, and humour. Heard some quite good reviews but is it worth the Birthday trip?!


A bit of a change from the norm for me as I don’t like to be scared – don’t see the fun in it, but the trailer for this film has really intrigued me. What are Uncle Charlie’s ulterior motives? Looks murderous! Plus I like Nicole Kidman so that’s a bonus.


Richard Gere’s best role in years apparently so I would like to see this at some point. I like a thriller but perhaps one about a hedge fund wont be that thrilling? Susan Sarandon is pulling me in on this one I think!

Broken City.

Mark Wahlberg seems very excited about this film, so much so he has pretty much forgotten about The Fighter in interviews. Since Les Mis, Russell Crowe has almost won me over too so maybe this film would tip him over to favourable. The double-crossing and twists in the trailer have got me interested I have to say!

Oz: The Great and Powerful.

I am definitely going to see this at some point, very excited about it!! Love James Franco and can’t wait to see him in this role. I am also intrigued as to where the story is going to take us, in a land that is already quite familiar to us. I am a little apprehensive though because it has an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to it (just from pictures and the trailer) which I was very disappointed with. Desperately want to enjoy this, if it doesn’t live up to expectation it would put a major downer on the Birthday cinema trip!

Side Effects.

Another potentially scary film but could be a goodun? Channing Tatum – not usually a fan but warming to him recently and this looks like an unusually serious role for him. Always happy to see Jude Law on screen too, so could be a great combo? The trailer has me wondering whether the drugs actually do have crazy side effects or if this woman is using it as an excuse for her potentially murderous actions?

These are all good potentials, and for a change I wont have to think what Tom is willing to see with me because it’s a ladies choice on her birthday!

Any more suggestions, films I have missed, or thoughts on these choices?


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