“I bought an Orca, I make a lot of money!” We’re The Millers.



We’re the Millers feels like every other Hollywood comedy but it does have an interesting premise. A small time drug dealer is forced by his boss to smuggle millions of dollars worth of weed across the Mexican border and he takes a fake family in order to seem inconspicuous. Jennifer Aniston get’s it out for the lads again proving she’s still got it at 40+, and Jason Sudeikis starts off as a shaggy haired local pot dealer who then turns back into Kurt from Horrible Bosses. Emma Roberts mixes it up playing a different role to her usual drivel as Casey, the runaway who Dave (Sudeikis) gets on board to play his teenage daughter. Best out the four though is Will Poulter, who gives a really funny and genuine performance as the virgin teen – for me he kept pulling the film back from the brink of being a bit rubbish.

The family get into some pretty funny scenarios while they go in and out of Mexico on their drug run – and there are (at times) some brilliant exchanges between the group as they try to convince people they are an average american family. Aniston rocks the stripper look but I think I’d be much more depressed if I was 40 years old and lap dancing as a profession – there’s only so long she can pull off these roles before she delves into Madonna territory. For now though she is smokin’ and I still love her. Her character development was quite nice, as her maternal side came out and her and David started acting like parents with Poulter and Roberts. These scenes were funny and quite sweet.


Poulter’s character Kenny probably had the best story line going through – 18 years old and never kissed a girl. There is an un-nerving but funny scene where his fake mother and fake sister teach him how to kiss while his fake dad watches… and a pep talk with David helps him get confidence with a girl he likes (watch out for Alexis from Castle), plus a mighty flying punch near the end of the film. Poutler makes the film and he is probably worth seeing this for to be honest. Unlike Roberts who unfortunately falls into the back ground a bit in the group, and I noticed no body in the cinema was laughing when she delivered a ‘funny’ line. Awkward.


I have a feeling Sudeikis is going to be around for a while in these Hollywood comedies which is no bad thing, most actors are type cast for these roles and his delivery is pretty funny. I can live with this – but sometimes his sarcastic and abrasive character can get a bit irritating. We’re the Millers definitely delivered on laughs and light hearted entertainment, though the end was a bit of a disappointment – it left me smiling but it was far too cheesy compared to the rest of the film we had just seen. I actually put my hands to my face during the fireworks scene in pure cringeyness (yeeeah that’s a word!). However they make up for this slightly with the out takes during the credits – including a prank on Aniston which actually looks like she could have cried (remembering her glory days probably).

My POV, this film will make you chuckle and requires little or no concentration, perfect pick me up after a hard day at work or nursing a hangover – rent it when the DVD comes out.

A treat for the guys in the audience! And a chance for all the women to think... why don't I look like that and I'm half her age?? Life just isn't fair...

A treat for the guys in the audience! And a chance for all the women to think… why don’t I look like that and I’m half her age?? Life just isn’t fair…

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4 thoughts on ““I bought an Orca, I make a lot of money!” We’re The Millers.

  1. CMrok93 August 25, 2013 at 10:50 pm Reply

    Good review. I’ll give it credit, it made me laugh a whole lot more than I ever expected, and that’s what I needed, and that’s what I got.

    • myreelpov August 26, 2013 at 5:33 pm Reply

      Yeah it could have been a lot worse!

  2. Tim The Film Guy August 26, 2013 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Good review, looks funny enough 😀

    • myreelpov August 27, 2013 at 8:45 am Reply

      Cheers, yeah it should make you chuckle!

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