“You’re not going TURBO are you?” Wreck-It Ralph.

Having seen Wreck-It Ralph on bill boards every where I turn and reading reviews from those lucky people in the States, the need to see this film has been fueled for what feels like a very long time!!

Wreck-It Poster

So Ralph is the villain in an arcade game Fix-It Felix. (Not the strongest idea for a game I might add – Wreck-It Ralph smashes up a building and Fix-It Felix bounces in with his hammer and you use him to fix all the windows…) It has proved popular though, and on the games 30th anniversary Ralph begins to get the feeling he is under-appreciated and goes in search of proving himself, consequently causing havoc in  his game and others. It could go anyway once Ralph leaves his game, so what came next was all unexpected – how I think a trailer should be left!! (Not like the bloomin’ new Fast and Furious 6 trailer where deceased characters pop up – that should have been a surprise for the film!!)


What audiences are anticipating in this film are all the old school gaming references. With the amount of licence fee’s they would have had to pay no wonder the estimated budget for this film was $165,000,000. It was all worth while though because even a novice gamer like myself could recognise many of the cameo appearances and feel all nostalgic. Those I can remember include Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, Pac-Man and the Pac-Man Ghost, Zangief, M. Bison, Ken and Ryu, a random Super Mushroom from Mario, the Horned Reaper from Dungeon Keeper (many hours spent playing that game – it was so addictive!!) and loads more references that will pop up in the review no doubt.

Fix it felix-game

Like Toy Story, once the people aren’t watching the games in the arcade can interact. The imagination behind the arcade world is great and the creative ideas regarding daily life of a game character are really clever. In the trailer we see a sneak peak of a self-help group full of bad guys from various games, seemingly coaching each other to accept themselves as villains and bad guys. The mantra being “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me.” Ralph can’t settle with this though – for 30 years the towns people of Fix-It Felix have hated and feared him but Ralph knows he can be a good guy! He just wants to be loved.

Bad anon

The group leaves the meeting, hosted by the Pac-Man Ghost in the center of his maze. I wondered why the Ghost would be hosting, but it was a brilliant idea when the camera zooms out and the pixilated characters make their way through the maze, Ralph grabbing a cherry snack on the way out. The characters then get into a shuttle that whiz’s through the electric cables and stops in the multi plug extension turned Central Station, where you can find your way back to your own game. Brilliant!! It’s details like this that really make the film original, just as Toy Story was when it first came out.


Two games that feature heavily in Wreck-It Ralph’s adventure are Sugar Rush, inspired by Mario Kart and Hero’s Duty, a mix between Call of Duty and Gears of War in my eyes. Polar opposites in every way yet don’t feel out of place in this film, even the characters interact very naturally. Including a very unlikely pair, Felix and Sergeant Calhoun, a feisty and pretty damn hot lead character in Hero’s Duty voiced by Jane Lynch. The dialogue between her and Felix, played by Jack McBrayer (of 30 Rock fame) was witty and fast paced – each of them bringing their character to life and giving them a really individual and likable personality.

“This is it, ladies! The kitten whispers and tickle fights end now!”

Calhoun and Felix

We first meet Calhoun when Ralph enters Hero’s Duty on a mission to prove himself as a good guy. Characteristically Ralph messes up and accidentally uses the first person shooter as a human shield and causes game over for the very confused player on the other side of the screen. Calhoun quickly asserts her authority and puts Ralph in his place – I instantly liked this character! And this scene makes for some great one liners.

Calhoun: “Do you know what the first rule of Hero’s Duty is, soldier?”
Ralph: “No cuts, no buts, no coconuts?”


Ralph himself is voiced by John C Reilly (best known for Talledaga Nights and Step Brothers probably). His delivery is fantastic, Ralph is a completely lovable and funny character from the start. In the story, Ralph finds his way into the game Sugar Rush and meets the wanna-be racer and outcast, Vanellope. Sarah Silverman voices this character and I warmed to her a lot during the film. She brings some great comedy to the film, but I did end up finding Vanellope adorable as well and was really routing for her towards the finale. The bond that Ralph and Vanellope develop is really quite heart warming and put a big smile on my face.

Ralph: “You’re a winner!”
Vanellope: “I’m a winner… “
Ralph: “And you’re adorable!”
Vanellope: “I’m ADORABLE!”

wreck-it-ralph and vanellope

The world of Sugar Rush is made of sweets and candy with some great game inspired attributes – e.g. double striped candy branches disappear, and there are pools of chocolate Nes-quick sand to get stuck in. All the go karts used by the racers are made of sweet treats like biscuits and liquorish, and the towns people that watch the races are too. The Sugar Rush game was an original invention for this film, but it was clearly heavily inspired by Mario Kart. Even the start of the race begins with a view from behind the kart with the countdown above your head, and some of the tracks resembled those of Mario (look out for Rainbow Road!).

Sugar Rush

The big man in Sugar Rush is King Candy, the eccentric ruler of the races with a hidden agenda. He is voiced by the brilliant Alan Tudyk (Steve the Pirate/Firefly’s Wash) who does a fine job playing the unhinged and very camp King! King Candy’s side kick Sour Bill was one of the best supporting characters. As you can probably guess he is made up of a sour ball, but his sour attitude and independent floating hands and feet make him a brilliant little character.

King Candy

The attention to detail in the arcade world was the stand out factor for me in this movie. Even the towns people in Fix-It Felix moved like little pixilated characters in an old school arcade game. Plus all the references to already well loved characters and games. As well as this the visuals are stunning, really crisp and so bright (hence all the pictures)! But the cherry on top is that the story is really strong and thoroughly enjoyable. I did a little clap when the film finished, that’s how impressed I was. Totally recommend this if you enjoy Disney’s animated films already – its definitely a winner.


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17 thoughts on ““You’re not going TURBO are you?” Wreck-It Ralph.

  1. Hypersonic55 February 9, 2013 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Cracking review, a really enjoyable read yo. Now I can finally talk to someone who has ACTUALLY seen the film! XD

    I really liked this film and it is worth a watch just for the video game references alone. As a gamer from the 90s i was in nostalgic heaven seeing all of these references both in the visual and audio sense. All those cameos, sound effects and SONIC! YAY! But anyways the rest of the film was good too, Ralp was awesome, King Candy was definitely unexpected and while i can’t say i was a fan of Vanellope at first because of mimicing and annoying nature, she did come through and became a creditable character after you learned of her backstory. The best character for me was Fix-It Felix, Jack McBrayer is the best and he just sounds like Kenneth from 30 Rock so it was wonderful for me! 😀

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:16 pm Reply

      Haha I bet that’s been annoying not being able to talk about it! Yeah I loved King Candy he was very funny and I loved the twist at the end, I actually didn’t see it coming!! I found Felix a little irritating but he was very good. I have actually warmed to Sarah Silverman after seeing this, and seeing her doing promo’s and stuff. She is pretty funny.

  2. CMrok93 February 9, 2013 at 5:00 pm Reply

    It is conventional, but still heartfelt and a bunch of fun, especially if you love (or loved) playing video-games at any point in your life. Good review.

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:18 pm Reply

      Yeah loved the references to Sonic, Mario, Street Fighter and Donkey Kong in particular! Thanks dude.

  3. r361n4 February 9, 2013 at 8:20 pm Reply

    A bit lazy on the puns sometimes, but definitely a huge amount of fun and more than worth of the disney name. Sourball actually reminded me of the depressed robot in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, lol

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:18 pm Reply

      Oh yeah that’s a good comparison!

  4. Tim The Film Guy February 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm Reply

    “Orrrrreeeeo Oreeeeeeo” haha xD

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:19 pm Reply

      Haha forgot about that bit! Brilliant!

  5. Mr Rumsey February 9, 2013 at 11:27 pm Reply

    I really want to see this one now! 😀

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:20 pm Reply

      Good!! Its very entertaining, guaranteed to put you in a good mood 🙂

  6. lukebbtt February 10, 2013 at 6:58 pm Reply

    In ref, to the Fast n Furious 6 trailer, spoiling the appearance of certain ‘dead’ characters: if you continue watching past the end credits of Fast Five, the surprise is given away there.

    • myreelpov February 10, 2013 at 7:21 pm Reply

      Ah I didn’t see that. They doubly ruined the surprise then lol.

  7. The Focused Filmographer February 13, 2013 at 1:29 am Reply

    one of the best animated films ever…and one of the best videogame movies ever! I enjoyed this one quite a bit and it looked like you did too!

    fun review. loved the cameos. Mario and others are supposed to be in the sequel! 🙂

    • myreelpov February 13, 2013 at 9:22 am Reply

      Yes I’d agree with that, one of the best!! I have heard about that, I wonder how long it will take a sequel to come out if they are already talking about it. Hopefully not over a decade like Monsters Inc!

  8. My Reel POV’s Top 10 of 2013. | MyReelPOV January 17, 2014 at 12:58 pm Reply

    […] Wreck-It Ralph, Zero Dark Thirty, Seven Psychopaths and Pitch Perfect. […]

  9. Karina March 17, 2014 at 5:27 am Reply

    HI does anyone know the name of that song played when villains leave the bad anon meeting and take the shuttle to Central? Thanks!

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