“Woah, you just wrinkled my brain” Community Season 4 Release!

If you have read some of my other posts you may have noticed I am a big fan of the US TV series Community. BIG FAN! Last year we got a sneak peak of the new Season 4. However it had no information other than the reassurance that there would indeed be a fourth series, woop! Troy and Abed host their fake breakfast show to give us the news.

Now there is a new clip, with a sneak peak of what’s in store for the gang in the 4th season. Looks like all the characters are still there, I can definitely spot the back of Pierce’s head, the Dean is looking super camp and crazy, Britta’s got some new glasses and Jeff’s shiny forehead is glorious as ever. The clip is from an episode in the new series called The Hunger Deans, in true Community style a hilarious skit of a popular movie was only to be expected and I CANT WAIT! Apparently due for release in the US on 7th February.

Lets hope there are “Six seasons and a Movie!”

You should also check out the Community – Dark Knight Rises Trailer on YouTube, made up of clips from the past seasons, it is fantastic.

Thanks to NBC for the vids.

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4 thoughts on ““Woah, you just wrinkled my brain” Community Season 4 Release!

  1. Tim The Film Guy January 15, 2013 at 6:45 pm Reply

    Love community! That Dark Knight Rises trailer is hysterical 😀

  2. Hypersonic55 January 17, 2013 at 4:48 pm Reply

    Wow I never even knew this clip was up! It’s always great to see a fellow fan showing their support for the show!

    I LOVE Community! Before Fringe and rediscovering 30 Rock, Community was the only US TV I watched religiously. I love all of the characters especially Jeff, Troy and Abed and the Dean! The storylines aere great, funny, moving and just entertaining to watch and the parody episodes are simply wonderful! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON FOUR I HAVE WAITED FOREVER FOR IT! XD

    • myreelpov January 17, 2013 at 10:41 pm Reply

      YES!! I know very exciting news! I cant wait! I hope they don’t take Abed’s character too far though, I felt them doing it in the 3rd series, Britta too. Love Jeff though, every one knows a guy like that. I think Troy has to be my favourite though. Oh and I love to hate Pierce!

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