Best and Missed Films of 2012.

The year of 2012 is coming to an end and I have been contemplating the highlights and low-lights of my cinema trips. I only recently purchased an Unlimited cinema card so my intake of new films has been significantly increased in the last few months, as well as consumption of sweet and salty popcorn! I have probably completely forgotten some awesome films as my memory is pretty poor, but none-the-less here is a post about the films I thought were the best of 2012, and those I wish I had seen at the cinema but missed out on.

The Best of 2012…



1) Dredd – I only knew the story of Judge Dredd briefly after my boyfriend told me about him. I thought it sounded cool but maybe the film would be a bit of a cheesy action superhero movie. Oh how I was wrong! Dredd had a great story line, fantastic actors, beautiful editing and was just stunning! I LOVED Karl Urban as the Judge himself, and the supporting cast were excellent too. It was gritty, unsettling, exciting, shocking… just plain awesomeness rolled into one big action packed 95 minutes.


2) The Avengers – I have previously expressed my love for cross over in films when I wrote about The Hobbit, and this instalment of the Marvel comics was not a disappointment. All the characters we love brought together, interacting and working together. What’s not to enjoy?! My personal favourite being Thor and Hulk’s relationship, brilliant. Iron man does steal the show but that’s his character anyway so it works. I was also pleasantly surprised by Captain America in this film (I thought the C.A film was awful – and I am usually a sucker for super heroes). Cracking film!


3) The Hobbit – If you read my blog on this already you know I thought this film was fantastic. I had been awaiting its arrival on to the silver screen for years and it did not disappoint. I cant wait for the next one in the trilogy, lets hope it doesn’t take too long and I lose interest like I did with Harry Potter!


4) Looper – Yes I know, a sigh from other film critics no doubt, Looper has a lot of plot holes that would make the whole story void, BUT I totally loved this film. Combine my all time love for Bruce Willis with my new fangled love of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt and you’ve got a winner. The way they made Joseph look like a young version of Bruce was fantastic, and he even had the characteristics down to a tee. The trailer made the film look a typical action thriller, but there was a whole surprise story line that was great too. Time travel in films will always cause some to scoff as no one can really explain how it works so there are always unanswered questions! Just suspend your disbelief and enjoy the goddam film.


5) Silver Linings Playbook – Another film I have recently reviewed. I found myself completely drawn in by the characters in this film, which isn’t hard but as you can see by this list I am not usually a fan of real life story lines. Silver Linings held my interest throughout and I left the cinema thinking ‘that was such a GREAT film!’

I had quite a lot of films in this list to start with but managed to get it down to just the 5. I’d love to know what you thought of these or even what your favourites were this year. However there were a few big films that I completely let pass me by and wish I had seen at the cinema. I will have to watch them at some point…

Argo – This film had so much high praise I don’t know how I missed it. I guess real life get’s in the way some times dam it! I heard a lot of people say their opinion of Ben Affleck changed since watching this film, I don’t understand why people hated him in the first place, did I miss something?!

Skyfall – I know, I must be the only person in the world that didn’t go to see this at the cinema yet but I could still have some time left – it has been playing on several screens at once for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast!

Taken 2 – I loved Taken, as did many others. Despite the negative reviews of this I still want to see it! I unfortunately let other’s make up my mind that it wasn’t worth watching, I regret it now and will be watching it on DVD soon!

Bourne Legacy – The first Bourne Identity film I enjoyed, but for me they all went downhill from there. I have heard from friends who don’t usually like the genre that it is a cracking film though, so had every intention of seeing this at the cinema, woops. It will have to wait!

To help me remember some of the films that came out this year I stupidly searched ‘film releases 2012’ on IMDB which came up with almost 9,000 titles. Yeeeeah I am not trawling through that list so I am pretty sure iv missed a couple of corkers. I guess though if they don’t spring to mind straight away they didn’t make that much of an impact so don’t deserve to be on my list!

2013 is looking spectacular too, I already can’t wait to see Les Miserables, The Impossible, Quartet, Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3!

Iron Man

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3 thoughts on “Best and Missed Films of 2012.

  1. […] well as the Best and Missed films of 2012, I thought it only fair to look at the films that surprised or disappointed me too. […]

  2. Grant January 25, 2013 at 9:47 am Reply

    You keep commenting on my blog like you are and people are going to start talking…. 😉

    Great article! Yes, Dredd was a huge WTF moment as fandom largely ignored it, leaving critics who didn’t understand the film, or the character of our favourite Judge, to put a totally undeserved boot into it. For all the people who love 80’s films like Predator and total Recall and thought the reboots were pale imitations THIS FILM WAS FOR YOU, you STUPID-HEADS!

    Avengers. Bloody brilliant. Crowning Moment of Awesome for long-abused director, Joss Whedon. Justice at last, but too late to save Firefly. Sniff.

    The Hobbit. Saw this a few days ago. Amazing. Actors (and Directors) stepping back into Middle Earth like it was only yesterday. Beautiful to look at, energetic, great acting and – most importantly – the Jackson ‘feel’. Welcome back, Peter. We missed you terribly

    I, too, have missed Skyfall despite everyone I know having seen it and telling me it was brilliant. Not seen Looper; not sure when I will. Bourne is interesting because I enjoyed the originals, although I do agree that the first was the best. Franka Potenta FTW!

    • myreelpov January 25, 2013 at 9:56 am Reply

      I have seen Skyfall now and it is fantastic. And I think the love for Joss Whedon is growing for sure. Did you read my post about Firefly and Serenity?? Haha, it seems we have similar taste as Predator was my first love.

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